This is a site dedicated to the fans of Phantasy Star and the series itself. It is a new site and will take some time for it to get up and running. Whether it be fighting the evil King Lassic with Alis and company, or fighting the final battle against the Profound Darkness, you just have to love this series. 


Dec 6, 2008

Phantasy Star Unlimited Forum is up.

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Phantasy Star Unlimited Creator's Note

Though I am known as many names, the one most people know me as is Trenzer. I am also known as trenzer1, TrenzerZero, Atlinsmere, and lonerizme. Here you may merely call me Chris. I started this site at 15 years of age and continue to add on. Though I wish to continue to work on this site throughout my life.

To all who visit this site. Thank-you. Keep in mind this site is new and I am hoping it will one day thrive to be a well known throughout the internet. I have but to thank a few people. One of them being SEGA, for creating such a great franchise. I would also like to thank Snorb, the co-owner of PS-U. And also to the admin of Fringes of Algo, Thoul, for creating such a great site that has inspired me to create my own.

The one and only, admin of Phantasy Star Unlimited,

--Chris Federle